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Unboxing from today


Rush Hour (1998)


Rush Hour (1998)

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Some help choosing Airsoft parts ?

Now that i’ve finally got a back up rifle to use while my main one is in the shop i’m ready to think about upgrades for the rifle in the shop. This rifle is my SPR as of right now it has a G&G Combat Machine gearbox, G&G Hop-up unit(totally shot), AGM M16 barrel, and a JG Super Power Motor(just about dead). So what’s good and bad on the parts market, honestly i’m looking for a brand new complete drop in gearbox, possible an ICS. What should I look for and avoid. I really want this gun to be both accurate and have at least 400fps. I know fps isn’t everything but it’s a launching point for me. Anyway throw out some suggestion. Also hop up and hop up bucking will need to be addressed. Let me know Thanks in advance!



OMG this is literally all I see on amazon xD

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You thought you were a hardcore milsimmer? guess again.

Every Airsofter needs to see this

My thoughts on AirsoftGI

Reloading Practice !

SPR all decked out for the game I have next weekend!

SPR all decked out for the game I have next weekend!

This is a review of my local field from an outsider looking in. I did not make this video but it’s beautiful.

Need some sexy gifs for your sad days ? Oh I got you covered ;)


Magpul bloopers

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